How to Make Your Facebook Company Page Public

By December 18, 2014 Social Media No Comments

If you’re like most, you’ve begrudgingly accepted the fact that your company needs a Facebook presence.  While there are a lot of advantages, mainly corporate branding, there are a lot more frustrations that come with setting up a Facebook Company Page.

One of the biggest problems encountered is that your Facebook Facebook LoginCompany Page is “by default” not visible to the general public unless they’re already logged into Facebook.

If your Facebook Company Page is not visible to the general public, the problem then lies in your Settings.  The two primary culprits are:

  • Age Restrictions
  • Country Restriction (eg. United States)

Here’s a quick fix to make your Facebook Company Page visible to the public.

  • Login to Facebook
  • Make sure you’re on your company page
  • Look to the upper left corner – you should see:  Page | Activity | Settings
  • Click on the Setting link
Facebook Country SettingsCheck Your Country Restrictions
  • Under the General tab (that’s where you are by default) click on Country Restrictions to verify you don’t list a specific country (click the image at the right to enlarge).
  • The example below shows that our Facebook Company page will only show in the United States – click the “x” to remove and save your changes.
Facebook Age Restrictions
Check Your Age Restrictions
  • Just below the Country Restrictions is Age Restrictions – edit this section so that you are visible to Anyone (13+).
  • Click the image to the right to enlarge – it shows this setting as well.  Don’t forget to save your changes.

That’s It – Log out of Facebook, then put your Facebook Company Page url (eg: in the address bar of your browser and check to make sure you can see your business without having to login to Facebook.