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Allied Motion - Website Design Project

Allied Motion came to us with a few requirements for their new website:

  1. Ecommerce Capable via PDF Data Sheets.
    Because of the complexity of each product, a customer must reference a data sheet before they are able to make a purchasing decision.  We've incorporated a "BUY NOW" link into each downloadable PDF data sheet making it easy to buy online.
  2. Easy-to-Update.
    Utilizing the power of custom fields, adding or updating content is as simple as filling out a form.  For more flexibility, we've incorporated a page builder which offers a super easy drag-and-drop option.
  3. Ability to Gate Content (require registration).
    We built a custom file manager that allows an admin to easily select the content (ie. Data Sheets, CAD Drawings, etc.) they would like to require registration before viewing.  We've also included a hidden bypass link so sales reps can direct a client to the document without requiring registration.
Allied Motion