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Sequential Order Numbers for Woocommerce

Sequential order Numbers for Woocommerce

Why does WooCommerce skip order numbers?

WooCommerce doesn't use sequential order numbers by default.  Here's why:

  1. Security: WooCommerce uses a random number generator for order numbers as a default setting. This approach is intended for security reasons, making it more difficult for hackers to guess an order number and potentially access someone’s account​​.
  2. WordPress System: WordPress, the content management system upon which WooCommerce operates, utilizes an ID system for posts, pages, and media files. WooCommerce inherits this system for order numbers, meaning that every order gets the following available ID in the database, which will always be unique. If other activities, such as writing a blog post or creating a draft, happen between order placements, this can cause non-sequential numbering​​​​.
  3. User Configuration or Bugs: Less likely is that non-sequential numbers can also result from specific settings chosen by the user, such as starting order numbers at a particular number or due to plugins that alter how WooCommerce assigns order numbers. Additionally, a bug in WooCommerce could cause order numbers to be generated randomly​​.

These factors contribute to the order numbers in WooCommerce not following a sequential pattern. To achieve sequential order numbering, store owners often use plugins designed to rearrange or format existing and new WooCommerce order numbers into consecutive sequences.

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