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LiveChat: Improve the Sales & Support Process

Decrease time spent with your customers while improving their experience on your website.

It doesn't make sense... how can spending less time with your customers help them?

Simple.  Time is money!  The more time your customers spend searching for a product on your site, the more time it takes to get their project completed.  In a manufacturing environment, that could mean downtime for both machines and personnel which ultimately leads to a loss of revenue.

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Live Chat Solution for Manufacturers

  1. Direct customers to a part number so they can avoid a lengthy search process.
  2. Quickly verify the customer has chosen the correct product for their application.
  3. Send a real-time quote while you're chatting with your customer.
  4. Easily answer any questions your customer might have.
  5. Direct customers to related products that may be necessary or helpful.

Don't wait any longer, LiveChat has helped our clients generate more sales leads, reduce the length of time from quote to sale and improve overall the overall customer experience.

Top 5 Benefits of a Live Chat Solution for Manufacturers

Want assistance setting up your LiveChat program?  Give us a call: 907-414-0375

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